Lordís Day 20 Themes and Divisions


R.H. Bremmer


Our confession of faith regarding the Holy Spirit


  1. The Holy Spirit binds us to Christ
  2. He comforts us with Christ
  3. He holds us tight to Christ


R. Bredenhof


God the Holy Spirit


  1. Is given to me
  2. To make me by true faith share in Christ and all his benefits
  3. To comfort me
  4. And to remain with me forever


C. Bouwman


God the Holy Spirit helps us to survive Satanís hatred


  1. The identity of the Holy Spirit
  2. The work of the Holy Spirit


God the Spirit makes me his temple


  1. The marvel of his coming
  2. The consequence of his coming
  3. The proof of his coming




The Spirit of truth is true and eternal God


  1. He is one person of the triune God of truth
  2. The comfort of knowing that he is the God of truth


C. Stam


The confession concerning the work of the Holy Spirit


  1. How he works (manner)
  2. Where he works (place)
  3. Why he works (purpose)


D. Wynia


I believe in the Holy Spirit


  1. He is eternal God, together with the Father and the Son
  2. He has been given to me and makes me share in Christ and all his benefits


B. Holwerda


God the Holy Spirit and our sanctification


We confess that he is:


  1. The Spirit of faith
  2. The Spirit of consolation
  3. The Spirit of perseverance


K. Dijk


The Spirit has been given to us


  1. As a divine gift
  2. As a divine Giver


The confession of the Holy Spirit speaks of


  1. His divinity above us
  2. His work in us


The Holy Spirit is Christís blessing


  1. The wonder of this blessing
  2. The blessing of this wonder